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Episode 78: Elk: Three Poems from Dave Mehler

These poems, like elk, have some muscle and mystery to them. The trio is brought to us by Dave Mehler:

"Elk in the Field" by Michael McGriff

"Bull Elk in October River" by Chris Dombrowski

"Pat Describes an Elk Bugling" by Dave Mehler


Dave's poem that he reads was published (along with two others he wrote) in  The Red Wheelbarrow Anthology #15 



Episode 77: Eels and Jerky

These two poems by George Bilgere made me snicker. Doesn't eel jerky sound kinda good? I'd try it. 


"Facetime in Covidtime"

"Mystery of Jerky" 

Episode 76: Tom Clark reads Scott Cairns

I was delighted to receive this recording from a college classmate of yore who has since gone on to become the kind of math professor who starts his classes with passages of TS Eliot.  

Tom Clark reads and reflects on Scott Cairn's poem "Possible Answers to Prayer". 

Episode 75: Dave Mehler reads Chris Dombrowski

Dave Mehler-- the local poet and friend I interviewed in episodes 12 and 45-- takes the mic today to read from Chris Dombrowski's book "Ragged Anthem". 

Dombrowski is a northwesterner, outdoorsman, and teacher as well as poet, and his slim book is one that you might need to add to your library. 





Episode 74: What Did I Miss?

I'm back after summer break for a little chat, a promise of what's to come, and of course a poem.

By the Well of Living and Seeing, Part II, Section 28: “During the Second World War"  by Charles Reznikoff


Episode 73: Teacher, Fisher, King

"Finding a Teacher" by W.S. Merwin

Episode 72: Bonus! ”The Smile”

In this mini episode, my nephew reads a poem he wrote for his baby sister. Buckle your seat belt; it's dangerously adorable!

Episode 71: Three More by Charles Wright

Apparently I'm not done reading Charles Wright poems to you! I've got a fever and the only cure is another dive into the bright, dark, poetic, folksy, scary, exhilarating pool of his book "Caribou". In this episode I share

"Chinoiserie II"

"Heaven's Eel"

"Life Lines"

Episode 70: ”History is a Burning Chariot” by Charles Wright

Today's episode is dedicated to Keith Hansen, who made an ambivalent comment about this poem that I'm crazy about. I try to explain my enthrallment with this poem and Wright's latest work in general. Was it a success or 

"a raid on the inarticulate
With shabby equipment always deteriorating" ?
(T.S. Eliot)

Who knows? But it was worth a try.

Episode 69: Four Poems About Family by George Bilgere

Sit yourself down at Uncle Keith's knee; he's got some poems to read to you...about fambly. 

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